The verdict for the Avenfield properties reference will be announced on Friday. The case, one of the most crucial questions asked in the Panama Papers judgment, revolves around whether Maryam Nawaz owns the apartments as stated in the Panama papers, an allegation which if proved true could lead to her disqualification and a possible conviction for perjury and forgery; and whether Nawaz can trace the money trail behind his children owning the apartments.

Unless the verdict is obstructed somehow, Friday will mark the end of a months’ long process of hearings, extensions and confrontations all witnessed by the public. After countless debates of Calibri fonts and bias by the court, the matter of who owns the Avenfield apartments, and whether the Sharif family has obtained assets beyond its means will be concluded tomorrow, a question that could determine the future of the Sharif family’s political career, and the entire political arena of Pakistan.

This verdict is particularly significant since it will be the deciding factor for the future of Maryam Nawaz’s political career. If it was found that Maryam was the true beneficial owner, and the trust deed, with its Calibri font, was forged, then this could effectively mean the end of former first daughter’s booming political career. A negative verdict would be fatal to Nawaz Sharif- he might have managed to accept his own disqualification, but this would mean an end to his immediate family’s foray into politics, which would be a devastating blow to the PML-N founder’s legacy, and future influence.

It has to be seen if the party will be affected as strongly. It is debatable whether PML-N could function with strength after a diminished influence from Nawaz and Maryam, who has been a major reason for PML-N’s success since the last year. The fact of the matter is, even without Nawaz and Maryam, there are still two Sharifs, Shahbaz and Hamza, in town, and it remains to be seen whether their influence will be enough.

On the bright side, an acquittal could bring a victorious Maryam back stronger than ever. Maryam has shown a knack for rejuvenating support, and with a clean record, could contest elections as charismatic as ever. For today, she has this small peace of mind- the allegation against her for forgery is a criminal charge, one that requires a strict standard of proof; and apart from the Panama Papers, and conflicting testimonies of the respondents, the court doesn’t have much evidence.