Prison reform is very crucial issue. The lack of proper administration of the prisons in Pakistan is creating problems for the federal capital and the provinces because of the immense amount of pressure of the new cases and older ones not being dealt with. Pakistani prisons at the moment house 78,160 prisoners, whereas, their total capacity is that of 56,363 prisoners. This figure itself is a stark reflection of the horrid conditions within the prisons. Not only will they be overcrowded but there will be a severe lack of man power, funds and facilities. Since the people within have committed crimes, it is not new that they are neglected. It is also a somewhat accepted fact that they will be mistreated.

The step by the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan to hold the provinces accountable and look into the mishap of prison administration is commendable. This process by the SC was initiated back in May when it ordered all district and sessions judges to inspect all the jails which fell into their districts and submit reports. This goes to show how deeply the problem is affecting the prisons in Pakistan. There are reports about the failing condition of women in Pakistani jails and the gross negligence of the authorities.

Around 48,780 prisoners are not convicts. Housing such a huge number of people without conviction not only takes up space but also slows down the justice process. At the same time, children of the women convicts were with them in jails and that is bound to affect their growth. The country needs to come up with a proper administrative set up to ensure that these children grow up as normal children and not within prison cells.