LAHORE: The generation that grew up in the 90s has been familiar with the work of Usman Peerzada ever since they started watching drama serials and movies. His untiring efforts to promote Pakistan’s film industry and theatre are known to everyone.

The 11th sitting of Gosha-e-Gayan was held at Lahore Arts Council on Thursday. Famous actor and director Usmaan Peerzada was the main speaker of this weekly seating.

Usmaan shared his perspectives and contemplations surrounding his life and work in Pakistan's film industry and across the globe. He shared his thoughts about human rights and his achievements in the field of acting, direction and production.

In his address, he appreciated LAC’s effort for the promotion of art and culture. The session was attended by people from all walks of life, socialites, veteran actors and art critics.

Usman Peerzada elaborated that how theater started in Pakistan. He briefed in detailed the history of theater.

Usman said: “Pakistan doesn’t have any nightclub activities and this is the reason why theatres are turning out into nightclub fun. I don’t mind if nightclubs would open in Pakistan, because there is specific class who can afford it.

“Theatre, in particular, has played an important role in bringing about social change in developed countries but sadly in our country we don’t care about it because government is least supportive. There were many playwrights, musicians, theatre actors, directors who were producing some of the best work in the region’s theatrical history but with the downfall of theatre in Pakistan all left. We need to promote it in our society, as theatre is one of those human activities that doesn't really hurt anyone or anything,” he briefed.