ISLAMABAD   -   After a long hibernation, the city managers moved towards stalled projects and awarded a contract of the remaining development work at Park Enclave.

The said project was launched by Capital Development Authority (CDA) in 2011 during the last tenure of Pakistan People’s Party and then extended the same in 2014 and 2015 during the PML-N regime under an attractive slogan of ‘The Jewel of Islamabad’.

The project was used by both previous governments to collect billions of rupees from citizen but failed to keep the promise to give plots within given timeframe, which caused sufferings and problems for those who invested their hard-earned money in the project. Phase-I of the project launched in 2011 was to be developed and delivered to those who had purchased the plots at very high commercial rates in January 2013.

Since more than four years, development activities in Park Enclave remained stalled due to different issues. Citizens who had deposited billions in the project were unable to construct their houses on their plots. Due to missing priorities, like many others, Park Enclave had become yet another stuck project of the CDA.

However, under the instructions of the government and prioritizing the stalled sectors by the incumbent management, development activities in the sector were also revived.

In this context, all administrative and technical issues hindering development in the Park Enclave were addressed and after completion of all formalities, tenders for awarding the work were issued last month.

“Due to healthy completion and transparent process, work on infrastructure development in remaining areas of the project has been awarded at 32% below the estimated cost”, a press note issued by the CDA claimed.

According to press release, the CDA management has directed the contractor to mobilize the machinery so that work could be started without any further delay. Moreover, Member Engineering has been directed to ensure quality of work and regularly monitor the progress in this regard. Furthermore, the project director has also been directed to ensure completion of the development work within stipulated time so that the allottees of the project could construct their homes on the allotted plots.

Park Enclave is not a sole example but currently a total of 17 sectors are stalled because of negligence of Capital Development Authority resulting in the extreme shortage of affordable housing for the citizens while its continuous failure to complete the said sectors forced people to invest in private housing schemes and even in unapproved ventures.

The stalled sectors includes C-13, C-14, C-15, C-16, D-13, E-13, F-13, H-16, I-17, I-11, I-12, 1-14, I-15, Kuri Model Village, Park Enclave II and Chatta Bakhtawar. In the absence of affordable housing units, over 100 legal and illegal housing societies have popped up in Islamabad while its rural areas have also witnessed a mushroom growth of development.

The development of these sectors demand a comprehensive plan with full backing of the federal government because the matter involves complex issues ranging from litigation to financial needs while the capacity of the civic body is also a major problem.