ISLAMABAD - PPP Parliamentary Leader in Senate Sherry Rehman has voiced her concern over the Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act, saying, the atrocious human rights violations, being committed by the Indian government have perpetrated under this draconian law, are extremely alarming. “For four decades, this act has terrorized the people of Kashmir and subjected them to unthinkable abuse and degradation. It is appalling that this act has still not been repealed,” she said in a statement issued here on Thursday. The Amnesty International recently released “Tyranny of a Lawless Law,” a report that focuses on the cases of torture, botched trials and detention in Kashmir. The report calls for the PSA to be repealed. In 2018, The United Nations also condemned the act. “Over a thousand Kashmiris have been held in detention under the PSA. It is well-known that India does not follow standard operating procedures when it comes to arrests, detention and trials of the detainees. It is particularly alarming that even minors are reportedly booked even when the PSA itself prohibits it,” she said.