ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party Thursday accused the government of betraying democracy as it has no respect for election rules. Speaking at a news conference along with Nafisa Shah, PPP Secretary General Nayyar Bokhari alleged that Prime Minister Imran Khan had no respect for the election rules and his only focus was to win the by-polls. “The government is trying to bulldoze its candidates in Gotki and erstwhile FATA where elections will be held for provincial assembly seats),” he said.

Earlier, a PPP delegation comprising Nayyar Bokhari, Nafisa Shah and Farahatullah Babar held a meeting with Chief Election Commissioner Sardar Mohammed Raza Khan. They complained about the alleged government interference in the by-elections and urged him to take notice. Bokhari said democracy can only be strengthened if the polls were transparent and free.  “By election in Gotki and elections in former FATA agencies are being rigged. The PPP has fielded candidates but the government wants to ensure victory for its nominees,” he said. He said Mohammed Bux Mehr was contesting for PPP in Gotki but Prime Minister Imran Khan was himself trying to defeat him. “The government is interfering in the polls. They are pressurising the people. Election Commission should intervene,” he said. “Section 144 imposes in (former) FATA. This is beyond understanding. How can you stop people from rallies in election,” he remarked. Bokhari said the PPP had conveyed to the CEC about the alleged irregularities in polls. He said PPP Chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari wanted to strengthen the democracy. To a question, Bokhari said the PPP had complained to the CEC and “it is up to him to respond. We have done out bit.”