KARACHI     -    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Khurram Sher Zaman asked the politicians to stop playing ‘political victimization card’ after being arrested on corruption or other charges.

“The rule of law had delayed for decades in Pakistan, as the ruling elite have evaded justice due to their wealth and status. The time has come to put an end to the political victimisation card that most politicians of every political stripe have played to excuse alleged criminal behaviour,” he added. Sher Zaman said currently, there is no martial law or military dictatorship in Pakistan for the last 11 years, as we are living under democratic rule. He was of the view that being a politician and an elected office holder at any level does not give a license or privilege to commit crime or exemption from the criminal justice process. Your main objective as an elected office holder is to serve the people, not loot the public treasury, he said.

“It confounds me each time I hear opposition politicians accuse Prime Minister Imran Khan and PTI-government of victimization. In fact, most of the cases against them were initiated during previous tenures,” said the PTI leader.

He pointed out that when institutions like NAB were not active in pursuing high-profile cases of politicians then the same politicians who are ranting now in public had no complaints about state institutions and law enforcement but as soon as they are asked, all of them change their tune. “It’s amusing to see that politicians give fiery speeches and comments inside and outside parliament but suddenly get health issues soon as they are arrested. I suggest Election Commission of Pakistan to include health certificates for all candidates vying for elected offices as good health should be a requirement” said Sherzaman.