LAHORE - Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar on Thursday ruled out any notion of political victimization of anyone including any member of the opposition, saying that no such question arises at all. “Whenever any anti-graft department holds any member of the opposition accountable, they start making hue and cry of political victimization. But in reality, the PTI government has not initiated any case against opposition members till today”, he said at a meeting with Karamat Khokhar, Zaheer Abbas, Tariq Sana Bajwa, Zain Sheikh, Irshad Dogar, Chaudhry Khalid Gujjar and Wakeel Khan Manj on Thursday. All the corruption-fighting departments including the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) were working independently.  “Transparent and across the board accountability is voice of the people to make the future of the country bright, developed and prosperous”, he said, maintaining that transparent accountability was a must to resolve the issues faced by the country and put it on the track to progress and prosperity. He viewed that scourge of corruption had caused the maximum damage to Pakistan. “The government will support all the accountability departments to ensure transparent accountability and every step of the government will be according to the law and the Constitution. No injustice will be done to anybody”, he affirmed. Governor Punjab  said that the sacrifices of the Armed Forces against terrorism would not go in vain, adding that the whole nation salutes army soldiers who were martyred in Azad Kashmir by militants.