rawalpindi - Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Dr Noor-ul-Haq Qadri  on Saturday said that minorities were enjoying equal rights under Constitution of Pakistan which guaranteed equal rights, complete safety and security to them.

Taking to media persons after “Ittehad Ummat Conference,” the minister said that the land for the construction of Hindu temple in Sector H-9, Islamabad was allocated by previous government, adding that the funds would be allocated after negotiation with all sects and on the recommendation of Council of Islamic Ideology.

At the end of conference, in a joint deceleration, it was declared that Islam was the religion of peace and it taught  unity, harmony, brotherhood and tolerance in the society and there was no concept of intolerance, extremism and sectarianism in Islam.

“As a Muslim, it is our national and religious responsibility to strive for setting up a peaceful and exemplary society, free of bigotry and racism and every individual of the Muslim Ummah will have to play his role. We should not pass remarks against those with whom billions of people are associated, where it is against the sharia, it is also against the law of land.”

A permanent reconciliation commission should be setup at the national level to resolve emergency disputes.

Those who  support sectarianism should be discouraged.

If a person passes remarks against the religion or state, it should be considered a personal or individual act, not by the whole sect.

In the light of Islam, everyone belonging to any community deserves respect without any discrimination, we all condemn sectarianism, extremism and terrorism.

The purpose of gathering here was to eradicate hatred and spread love.

The Ulema and scholars belonging to all schools of thought were present on the occasion.