The National Electric Control Administrative Specialist (Nepra) has inquired K-Electric to guarantee anticipation of disasters amid the precipitation. 

The control utility ought to take steps ahead of the storm season to dodge rehash of the occurrences took put final year amid the precipitation, sources said.

NEPRA sources said that the administrative specialist had found K-Electric dependable for 19 passings out of 49 fatalities by electric shock amid the precipitation in past year.

The control utility was not fined over the electric shock passings in Karachi final year, NEPRA sources said.

According to the sources, The electric control administrative specialist had coordinated K-Electric to total earthing of the power shafts some time recently the stormy climate but the control company has however to total the earthing work of the posts.

NEPRA had too coordinated the company to yield its report almost earthing of all power posts.