Open-book exams allow you to use notes, texts or other resource materials in an exam. The main purpose of this is to test your levels of reasoning, comprehension, and analysis.

This type of examination is a better option for universities currently closed because of the lockdown. Exam papers with varying questions can be uploaded to a relevant platform and then re-uploaded by the students with solutions within a given time limit. The questions should be of a mixed category. Some should be based on the relevant course and subject, and others should be general intelligence problems. Open-book exams test your ability to quickly find relevant information and then to understand, analyse, and apply this knowledge, all while thinking critically.

Exams of this type don’t just test your memory but they also test your ability to find and use information for problem-solving, and to deliver well-structured and well-presented arguments and solutions. The biggest misconception about open-book exams is that there is no need to study. However, you should study for it just as you would for any other exam so that you can find the information quickly, and apply it effectively.


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