KARACHI - Sindh Education and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani and PPP National Assembly member Abdul Qadir Patel have said that the PTI’s minister, whose job is only lies and accusations, will soon be in the Ministry of Ports and Shipping. A white paper will be issued on the corruption of billions. This shameless minister who has been blaming the top leadership of PPP and members of National and Provincial Assemblies by waving false and fabricated JIT report on the floor of National Assembly should apologize to these members and nation after real JIT report.۔ “I openly challenge Ali Zaidi to come to my contest in a talk show of a TV channel and debate with me so that he will know all the facts,” he added. The attitude of the Speaker in the National Assembly is very lively and the PPP and PML-N are thinking of not moving a motion against him. The government should immediately take K Electric into government custody and ensure full power supply to the people. The two leaders expressed these views at a joint press conference in Karachi on Saturday.

Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani said that we have disclosed the JIT of Uzair Baloch at the request of PTI ministers and it will be available on the official website of the Home Department on Monday. He said that a few days ago, a PTI minister whose job is only to make false and fabricated allegations, stood on the Assembly floor and waved a false JIT report in the House. Accused the National and Provincial Assemblies. “There is no name of any of our members in the said JIT and baseless allegations have been made,” he said. He said that he was not ashamed of making allegations on the platform of the House because if he had any shame, the country would not be in this situation and if he was ashamed, such allegations would not have been made.

“I was accused and my brother’s name was used by a police officer,” Ghani said. He said that the job of a police officer is not to make a report but to lodge an FIR and arrest him and if such officer does not take action then he is either a coward or unfit. He said that even in the past this false minister accused the Sindh government of investing money in opening industries. We demanded to prove the allegation and also demanded to call Chairman KPT. As soon as they hear the name of Chairman KPT, they know why the fire started. On the occasion, Member National Assembly Abdul Qadir Patel said that a storm of immorality has started in the National Assembly. Humayun’s leadership continued to be accused. We remained silent for a year and a half so as not to spoil the atmosphere in the House but they continued to make false and baseless allegations against our leadership and now that we have started responding to them in their language and style.  The mics are turned off when we speak in the National Assembly. Qadir Patel said that while I was in London, I received a letter from the Rangers asking questions in Uzair’s case. Rangers called for investigation or reply. When he returned, he gave all the answers of Rangers. Rangers cleared him.  He said that Dr Asim had gone to jail in the case and the case is still pending. “If we are not allowed to speak in the National Assembly, we may think that we will be silenced, but we will not remain silent,” he said. “We will soon publish a white paper on the Ministry of Ports and Shipping.” And their trillions of rupees of corruption will be exposed. He said that Ali Zaidi is a great scientist and on the issue of gas in Kemari, a distillery was accused.

The scientist also accused Kemari of leaking gas. If the heirs of this tragedy have gone to the High Court, then all the facts will also come to light. He said that Ali Zaidi has set up his office with Rs. 2.4 million.  Rs 20 lakh has been spent on the house which he has declared as rent and also installed a container outside which he is spending.  He said that apart from the President, Prime Minister, Governor and Home Minister, no one has the authority to appoint a present Naval Service Officer ADC but Ali Zaidi has appointed a Naval Service Officer ADC, who  Has no option.  He said a 70 70 million MoU between the chairman’s PT and him has caused controversy as it insists on signing a 70 million contract with a company instead of Rs 12 million, which will be completed in 10 years.

 The 12 million contract is to be completed in one year.  He asked Ali Zaidi to explain how the lease was banned in West Wharf for two years, then how Plot No. 16 was leased. Who are the board members of KPT, what are the criteria, why they were appointed, why there is no investigation. Which company is benefiting from birth number fourteen to seventeen? Whose brother is benefiting from it? Crores of rupees were taken from Clean Karachi, neither audit nor rules were followed. An NGO was hired to find out which women were in it and what benefit was given to them. He said that he tried to amend the KPT Act.  This is being done so that the competent authority of the board can be transferred.  Qadir Patel further said that when NAB gave notice of corruption of billions, Ali Zaidi went to meet NAB chairman. Will NAB chairman meet opposition?  He said that after corruption of billions of rupees, they are eating whole haraam animals instead of haraam animals.  He said that this was not an allegation but an allegation made by the KPT union and he had provided all the evidence to the NAB.  To a question, Qadir Patel said that I was accused in the assembly and this is my privilege movement.  He said that when Ali Zaidi gives a speech, Allama and Maulana also come forward.  Qadir Patel said that the attitude of the Speaker of the National Assembly was becoming more and more biased.  Therefore, we will soon bring a no-confidence motion against the speaker. In response to a question, he said that when I address the assembly, they run away. When they find out that the opposition has boycotted, they come back and give speeches. 

They have turned the House into a circus. To a question, Saeed Ghani said that it was very hot in Karachi and K Electric was abusing it at the moment. Reham Khan has revealed the name of the person who paid 60% of the expenses of both the elections of Imran Khan and that is Arif Naqvi, who is one of the owners of Electric at that time.


He said that KE has not ended load shedding and is violating UN Pakistan and depriving the poor of electricity. He asked whether the Karachi Water Board would keep the people thirsty if they did not get the bill.  “Electricity is needed, not luxury, so we demand that the government immediately take K Electric into government custody and ensure full power supply to the people,” he said.