ISLAMABAD - Minister for Planning and Reforms Asad Umer has reiterated that the PTI government is utilizing all available resources to increase the capacity of health sector to fight the coronavirus and these efforts are yielding positive results especially after adopting the smart lockdown policy across the country.

He said this while addressing a press conference here yesterday.

The minister marked the efforts of different government departments to in fighting the Covid-19 in an effective manner.

Earlier in the day, Asad Omar visited a newly built hospital in Islamabad. NDMA Chairman Lt. Gen Muhammad Afzal also accompanied him.

Referring to this hospital, the minister for planning and Reforms informed the media that the establishment of this new hospital within a time of only 45 days reflects the national spirit.

He explained that the hospital, built with China’s cooperation, has 250 isolation beds with the provision of high flow oxygen.

The hospital is fully equipped with medical facilities and services including emergency, minor operation theatre, radiology, laboratory, ITC units, isolation wards, isolation rooms and general wards.

He expressed the hope that this 250-bed hospital would play an important role in preventing the Covid-19 epidemics in the country.

Asad Omar informed the media that doctors and paramedics in hospitals and laboratories are vigorously offering their services to fight the coronavirus in the national spirit.

He hoped that with the smart lockdown strategy, the situation would further improve in coming days allowing the revival of business activities in the country.