The current situation with the number of COVID cases increasing drastically, proves that we as a nation have landed in a sorry state. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases are about to hit 1,95,000. People have lost jobs, labourers working on daily wages are deprived of basic necessities, and some have been separated from their loved ones. These stressful times are causing heaps of anxiety to the young, old, poor and rich.

And with a heavy heart, the Aitchisonian body witnessed the horrifying news of one of our seniors passing away abroad due to anxiety. He was a shining star, and a hero to look up to. The entire student body was in a state of shock. It made us realize the importance of mental health in these stressful times. Moreover, it caused many people more grief, further leading to anxiety attacks that harm them and affect their brains. This news was followed by the tragic news of a Bollywood sensation committing suicide due to anxiety. The whole world is concerned as it has indeed left everyone astounded in a state of trauma.

This crisis has made me think about those who have lost jobs, especially the women who are unable to provide for their families. Under this crisis, what is our role as citizens? We need to get together as a community and give back in whatever capacity we can, otherwise, our country will face a shortage of basic resources. Every household will be touched by anxiety at some level.

Let us come together. Let us be there for each other. Let us work, raise funds and help those around us. Then we will recount how the nation stood together in these trying times. The younger generation’s fear is increasing with time and we must spread hope, and give strength to each other by looking after those around us, contributing in whatever capacity we can towards positive mental health.