Given the poor track record of our civil and uniformed bureaucracy in mishandling of public donations, be they for Zakat, or natural and man made calamities, I would request Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi to voluntarily take over charge of all relief operations and funds for rehabilitation of displaced people from Swat. Maulana Edhi, through his commitment, hard work and dedication, has earned universal respect both from this nation and people abroad. It is unfortunate that no politician has the credibility that Edhi has. The only other exception, perhaps, is Imran Khan whose Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust hospital for treatment of cancer is indeed a noble project with stellar reputation for probity in funds management. I would request the Prime Minister of Pakistan to place the PM Fund at the sole disposal of a committee headed and run by Edhi so that the people of this country can contribute maximum with the innate confidence that their donated money will not be pilfered. We still haven't forgotten the billions of dollars that were squandered from funds for Afghan refugees and Kashmiri earthquake affectees. -M.T. ALI, Lahore, via e-mail, May 13.