When the people of Balochistan express their anger at takeover of Baloch lands and employment in Gwadar by non residents, we are told that the constitution of Pakistan allows all citizens to live, work or buy and sell property in any part of Pakistan. The writ of state is exercised to silence all those who try to challenge the federal government or the 1973 constitution. I am a Baloch who believes in Pakistan. Yet I fail to comprehend the justification for the brutal murder of Bugti or the denial of gas royalties for Sui at par with royalties being paid in Sindh. The people of Swat and Buner are suffering for the collective failure of all state institutions, be they civil or military. They are Pakistani citizens and enjoy all constitutional rights. Registration of IDPs for purposes of providing relief is another thing, but insistence on their registration for seeking alternate residences provided by their relatives living in Sindh, is totally another matter. This is nothing but crude ethnic profiling. It is ironic that those who themselves migrated from across the border, on rightful grounds of being the ideological sons of Pakistan, are today resisting the right of residence of our own Internally Displaced Pakistanis. -RASHID ORAKZAI, Quetta, via e-mail, May 25.