PESHAWAR/SWABI - US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke visited the camps of the Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) at Mardan and Swabi on Thursday. While talking to journalists at Sheikh Shehzad Camp, Mardan, Richard Holbrooke said that Pakistan was facing numerous challenges and the United States would not leave it in the lurch. He said that the IDPs needed attention and that was the reason that the US had announced extra grant for their rehabilitation. US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne W Patterson and other high-ranking officials of the US Consulate were also present on the occasion. Answering a question, Holbrooke said that Taliban had misguided the people through their illegal FM channels and had been luring them to terrorist activities. He also said that with the support of the international community terrorism would be root out from both Afghanistan and Pakistan. He said that the United States through UN agencies was fully supporting the IDPs. Later, he met IDPs in their camps and inquired about the facilities available to them. At the end, he also visited Army Field Hospital. Earlier, Richard Holbrooke also visited Shah Mansoor Township, Swabi. He and other US officials reached the camp in four helicopters. Their visit was kept secret and extremely tight security arrangements were made on the occasion. No one, including journalists, was allowed to enter the area. During his visit, Holbrooke met the IDPs and told them that the US was standing by them and the government of Pakistan. Col (Retd) Nisar, chief of the Red Crescent Societys camp, briefed the US officials about the facilities being provided to IDPs. The US Special Envoy also said that assistances for the IDPs would be increased further. He further said that the US would also appeal to the international community for extending help to Pakistan for the displaced persons. Agencies add: Richard Holbrooke said that migration from Malakand Division is the largest displacement after World War II. Talking to reporters during his visit to Mardan relief camps, he said the US would continue its financial assistance for IDPs and the US has already increased the financial assistance from $ 110 million to $ 310 million. Holbrooke maintained that the Taliban are responsible for the entire human crisis in the region. To a question about the relief activities, he said, I am not satisfied with the current relief activities and the people must return their homes. Holbrooke urged European and Muslim nations to help families who have fled the conflict in Swat Valley and avert a humanitarian crisis. What I cant stress too highly enough is the job is to get them home, and that requires security and assistance from the rest of the world community, Holbrooke told reporters. The reconstruction phase is going to cost as much as the humanitarian phase. Holbrooke said he would meet Pakistani leaders, including Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani, in Islamabad on Friday to discuss the next phase of holding, securing and rehabilitating Swat after the operation to clear the valley had been completed. I would point out again that the United States is giving almost half of all the aid Pakistan has got so far. Thats not right, Holbrooke said. Where are the Europeans? Where is the OIC? Holbrooke said, referring to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference which groups together the worlds Muslim nations. Holbrooke spoke with around a dozen grey-bearded elders at the camp to listen to peoples worries as they waited impatiently for an all-clear from the government to go home. Im ready to go today, villager Ahmed Bazir told Reuters. They just put us here in the tents and then they dont care about us. Look at us... were just sitting here waiting for tea. The American diplomat also went into a tent occupied by the family of a barber who had abandoned his home and business. Everybody here wants to go home, Holbrooke said. Theyre out of work, theyre out of money and theyre not far from their homes. But to go home theyre going to need security.