In Pakistan, it is every man for himself. We don't know how to be a nation. We are all focused on our individual growth and prone to the malaise of pulling each other's legs. Jealousy is a trait we all share. That is why we have failed to progress as a nation. Look at India, for example. Their politics, economy and society are booming. Just take the example of the latest revolution they have wrought in cricket called the IPL. Within no time, it has become the premier T-20 League in the game. If I remember correctly it was Imran Khan who gave the idea of the inter-city tournaments and the Pakistani Cricket Board was the first sports body to initiate the T-20 format of the game. Look how well India has executed and further built upon the idea? It's a shame that Pakistan cricket has even lost the right to co-host the World Cup. Just imagine the amount of money the Indians would make from the matches that were to be played on Pakistani soil. Think of the boost, it would give to the Indian economy. -AFFAN BIN SAQIB, Lahore, May 30.