LAHORE - The present government contrary to its claims was not democratic, as the rulers were not fulfilling the basic requirements of a democratic society. This was the upshot of the speech of Secretary General of Pakistan Democratic Party (PDP) Nawaz Gondal at The Nation Forum here on Friday. He said the major political parties had lack of democratic vision and the result of it could be seen in the law and order situation and the economical conditions prevailing in the country, which, he said, were presenting a miserable picture. He termed an independent judiciary, autonomous election commission besides free media as the roots of a welfare democratic society. He said the pre-poll rigging in the recently held by-elections in different constituencies was the example of a lack of interest of the government towards establishing a democratic Pakistan. Calling the present running system, a democratic one, would be an insult to democracy as mere elections and parliaments in place did not constitute democracy, he added. He stressed not to allocate funds for the members of the assemblies in name of development funds, which, he added, were being used for buying votes and minting money besides giving rise to corruption. He said the legislation should be the only duty of MNAs and MPAs. Gondal demanded of the government to abolish the quota system for any government job and stressed on the need of strict merit for appointing officials besides eradicating politicians role in transfers and postings of the government servants. He said the war against terror had turned now into our own war and all political parties standing above their self-interest should stand shoulder to shoulder with the army and the security forces. He urged the government to raise voice at the international level against the Indian water aggression on Pakistan. He said India wanted to turn Pakistan into a barren land besides converting its intention on Kashmir issue. He also stressed the need of creating consensus among the provinces, like it was on NFC Award, on the construction of Kalabagh Dam, which he said, was inevitable to bring boost in economy of the country.