KABUL (AFP) - A bomb attack killed four foreign soldiers from Natos US-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, the military said. Four International Security Assistance Force service members died following an improvised explosive device attack in eastern Afghanistan today, a statement said. Isaf does not give details of the nationalities of dead soldiers or how fatal incidents happen, leaving that to officials from the relevant country. Separately, a foreigner was shot dead by angry locals while visiting a province considered one of Afghanistans most peaceful after an altercation with a drug addict, a local senator told AFP Saturday. The victim was the Italian Lt Col Cristiano Congui, an anti-drug specialist posted since 2007 at the Italian embassy in Kabul, the ANSA news agency reported, quoting army sources. The report said Congui, 50, was travelling with an American woman and a translator. However Italys defence ministry did not confirm his identity when contacted by AFP. The man was visiting local emerald mines in Panjshir province, northeast of Kabul, on Friday when the confrontation with the drug addict occurred, said local senator Mohammad Faizi. (The drug addict) came and his shoulder touched the shoulder of the woman, said Faizi, explaining what had happened. It looked like (it was) deliberate so the man got angry, took out his pistol and fired two shots at this addict. This addict went into a coma. His relatives came to take him to hospital but they also got angry and fired a shot into the forehead of the man, killing him on the spot. The enraged relatives were stopped by locals from also killing the woman, he added. Meanwhile, a bomb blast at an Afghan university killed two students on Saturday in Kandahar, police said. One of the dead was also secretary to the police chief of Kandahar province. The blast took place near the engineering faculty of Kandahar University and has killed two students, one of them my office secretary, police chief General Abdul Razaq told AFP. A second explosion, which happened after police cordoned off the area, injured three people including two policemen, Razaq said. Both blasts were caused by remote-controlled improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Shortly afterwards, Kandahars top justice official, Aqil Shah Khan, survived an assassination attempt in a drive-by shooting, Razaq said. He was shot at by two motorcycle riders, but the round hit his hand and hes slightly injured and currently in hospital receiving treatment, he added.