KARACHI (PTI) - Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has lashed out at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), saying that the Board should have given proper reason for sacking Shahid Afridi as captain of the one-day team. Shahid was doing well as captain and had motivated the team well. He led the team to the World Cup semifinals and also won the one-day series in the West Indies, Akram told reporters on Saturday. So when a successful captain is removed, the Board should be sensible enough to give the reasons for the decision. They cant just take such a big decision and say they will give details later on, he added. The fast bowling great, however, admitted that he did not approve of the way Afridi took on the PCB in the media after being removed as captain. I dont agree with the way he went to the media with his grievances. He should have spoken to the board first. I dont support the language he used in the media. It was not on. It only hurt the image of Pakistan cricket, said Akram. He though added that Afridi still has three to four years of cricket left to offer to Pakistan and should be back in the team. He is only 31 and can play on for another couple of years, which is good for Pakistan cricket. Expressing his disappointment at the latest controversy involving the Board, coach Waqar Younis and ousted skipper Afridi, Akram said, It is just another instance where the image of Pakistan cricket will take more battering. Already due to recent scandals our cricket is somewhat of a joke in other countries. Wherever I go people keep on asking me what is wrong with Pakistan cricket and frankly speaking I have no answer to that. Akram admitted that he was puzzled why a dispute arose between the captain and the coach. It is only in Pakistan that a coach wants more authority. In other countries it is the captain who calls the shots and the coach is there to support him. Many people didnt know Gary Kirsten was Indias coach in the World Cup, he said. Akram also felt that Waqar Younis needed to play supporting role in the team and be in the background instead of seeking more powers or authority and say in selection matters. Cricket is designed for the captain. Let him take the decisions. Akram said the board needed to resolve the issue as soon as possible, because the longer the dispute with Afridi lingered on it would only hurt Pakistan cricket.