KARACHI The MQM coordination committee has strongly condemned the killing of five people including personnel of police and rangers as a result of indiscriminate firing by armed terrorists allegedly belonging to the Awami National Party. The committee deplored brazen acts of violence, arson, injuring of a large number of people in firing and holding the areas of Mai Kulachi Road, Kati Pahari, Banaras, Metroville, Landhi and Sohrab Goth hostage at gunpoint. In a statement issued here on Saturday, the joint meeting of the coordination committee was held in London and Karachi simultaneously to discuss the situation in Karachi during the violent strike called by the ANP. The meeting expressed grave concern over the current situation in the city and said the ANP was destroying peace in Karachi at the beckoning of their foreign masters with the active connivance of notorious terrorists of Layari gang war who were involved in extortion, killing and kidnapping for ransom. The meeting said the ANP had established more than one hundred torture cells in Karachi where political opponents and those who raise voice against terrorism were subjected to inhuman torture. The committee said the strike was called on the pretext of loadshedding being done by Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) but the Clifton Grid Station was attacked by armed assailants as a result of which a large area plunged into darkness. Police and rangers were called in to restore the electricity. KESC staff responsible for rectifying faults was also manhandled by miscreants of the ANP. Such wanton acts of sabotage and vandalism revealed their real motives behind the strike call. The committee said it seemed the ANP was even more powerful than the Taliban and the al-Qaeda. This was evident by the fact that the heavily armed ANP terrorists went on a rampage in the city killing people including police and rangers personnel, destroying properties and resorting to arson but the police, rangers and other law-enforcing agencies looked the other way. The committee noted with concern that no action was taken against the armed terrorists of ANP and the entire city was allowed to suffer because of lack of timely action by the law-enforcing agencies. The committee asked the citizens of Karachi to see through the conspiracy and said when the state and its organs failed to provide security to the people it becomes imperative to form peace committees to protect the lives and property of our people. The committee expressed heartfelt sympathies to the people who had to undergo an ordeal because of the terrorism of the ANP. The committee appealed to the citizens of Karachi that they should get united for the protection of people in their areas putting aside the prejudices of language, religion, caste, colour and creed. The committee asked them to be vigilant and expose the foreign nexus of ANP through their vigilance and unity. The committee made a fervent appeal to the chief minister, governor, corps commander Karachi, director general rangers, inspector general of police and other law-enforcing agencies to discharge their duty to protect national security by taking fierce action against the terror activities of ANP. The committee also appealed to the print and electronic media to defeat the conspiracy of ANP to destroy peace in Karachi.