LAHORE (PPI) - The second phase of a major environmental project funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation and being implemented by WWF-Pakistan is now nearing successful completion, even as the World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June. This project gains further significance from the fact that the theme for the World Environment Day this year, as declared by the United Nations is, Forests - Nature at your service. This project, first started off in November 2008 was for Improving sub-watershed management and environmental awareness in Ayubia National Park (G200-Western Himalayas), and was originally scheduled to end in June 2010. It was subsequently extended up to June this year with enhanced scope, with additional funding from Coca-Cola. Even as the second phase comes to an end, plans are being finalized for a third phase, starting in July this year and lasting a full year till June 2012. The overarching goal of the projects second phase was to sustain the flow of clean water in selected springs and streams and conserve the areas biodiversity. To achieve this goal, the project focused on ensuring support from key stakeholders for improving watershed management, sustainable use of natural resources, and conservation of biodiversity. It introduced suitable land-use management practices that are now contributing to improved quality and quantity of fresh water, improved natural habitats and improved local livelihoods.