Under the new Protection and communication of official information rule 46 of the Rules of Business, a ban on government official has been imposed in order to forbid interaction of government officials to the media persons. Most of the government key officials have already commented on most of the TV talk shows that media is forming frustration among masses by conveying absurd news with less consistency. Does the government really think that people will stop criticizing them if they try to shut us up like this? This act will cause more hindrance for a reporter or correspondent to file a complete story that can be risky for the government departments. The law is in violation of the spirit of freedom of expression and will greatly hinder the function of the media as a 'watchdog of society. The goodwill of the government departments can only be build well when they will be ready to accommodate with media persons in terms to give reliable and complete information. ASLAM MALIK, Islamabad, June 2.