ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has said that the government remained failed in addressing the critical economic issues confronting the nation in the budget announced for the fiscal year 2011-12. PTI believes that the government has completely failed in addressing the critical economic issues confronting the nation due to absence of economic vision at policy level. It added that the government is consistently deceiving the poor people of the country while directing all resources into the personal accounts of the political leaderships. In a statement, PTI has said that the budget announced for the fiscal year 2011-12 reflects a continuation of the fraudulent policies and mindset of the incumbent corrupt political concoction. The fact that the assembly was turned into a fish market by the opposition is indicative of their bankruptcy, as they had nothing to contribute in a meaningful manner. After having played second fiddle to the government for all the three years of its incumbency, this approach was entirely meaningless and counter-productive, Arif Alvi, Secretary General, PTI, stated. Criticising the absence of indication to cut exorbitant expenditures, Alvi stated that the budget remains IMF and US aid dependent. The government has prepared a budget exclusively to meet its own requirements within the parameters set for it by the IMF agreement, which has destroyed the economy of the country since it was signed more than two years ago. Incidentally, the agreement was never approved by the Parliament. The budget does not provide any relief to the common man. The unrealistic revenue target like last year will, once again, not be achieved. The lack of economic growth will hardly yield for the government Rs1,700 billion which is much less than Rs1,955 billion it envisages.