Great-grandfather Tommy Wells has been hailed the most tattooed man in Britain after having an incredible 1,000 tattoos etched across every inch of his body. The 69-year-old has spent 52 years indulging in his bizarre hobby and now has tattoos not only across his arms, hands, legs, torso and back but also on the soles of his feet, bottom, entire head, lips and even his genitals. The widowers last tattoo, which reads 'I love you always, love Tommy, was etched on the back of his head in honour of his late wife Sandra who died seven years ago aged 61, after 44 years together. The design broke a promise the retired coach driver made to his wife before she passed away - assuring her he would keep his face and head design-free. But it meant he could no longer get more tattoos done - because he has no more room left for further markings which already include various designs of skulls, daggers, flowers and the names of family members. Sandra had no tattoos done during her life. Mr Wells, from Worsley, Greater Manchester, said: 'My tattooing days are probably over now because of all the tattoos that I have now. I did have some space left on my head after Sandra died but although I did promise I wouldnt have any done there, I was so upset at her passing that the only thing that I could do to make me feel better was have the tattoo. I just so hope that she can forgive me but I do have that feeling that heaven will be hell for me in the years to come. When she died she was cremated and her ashes went into an urn. DM