QUETTA - The proceedings of inquiry tribunal, formed to investigate into Kharotabad incident in which five foreigners were killed on May 17 by firing of police and Frontier Corps, continued on Saturday. Statements of a taxi driver who took the Chechens to Kachlak and five policemen were recorded. The proceedings of tribunal, headed by a Balochistan High Court judge, Justice Muhammad Hashim Khan Kakar, resumed after two-day break. Advocate General Balochistan Amanullah Kanrani assisted the court on behalf of the government. Driver Attaullah, ASI Raza Khan, SHO Airport Fazlur Rehman, ASI Mitta Khan, Bomb Disposal Squad expert Yasir Arfat and police control bomb in charge Nadeem recorded their statements. Driver Atta Muhammad, while speaking before the tribunal, stated he was professionally a school teacher and also drove taxi as a part-time job. He said a Pashto speaking person came to him on the day of incident and said he had some guests and wanted to drop them to Bhoosa Mandi, an outskirts of Quetta. He said that person agreed to pay Rs 1,300 upon which he took seven people including three women towards Quetta. Atta said when they reached at Nosar Checkpost, a police ASI Raza Khan stopped his taxi and started searching vehicle and the luggage of the foreigners. Later, he directed the police personnel to take the taxi to police station. Over this both parties had a quarrel and the foreigners later got off. The driver said five foreigners moved to Khezi Chowk on foot after Raza Khan opened fire. He denied recovery of weapons in the luggage of Chechens, saying there were only two bottles of shampoo in it and there was no suicide jacket strapped on their bodies. Recording his statement, ASI Raza Khan said on the day of incident he was discharging duty at Samungali Checkpost and at about 3:00 pm a vehicle came from Nosar side which was stopped for search. There were seven people in the taxi and a person sitting on front seat was Pashto-speaking who said that other inmates were his guests. I searched them, however found nothing from them, but when I searched their luggage and found 3 bottles of shampoo one of it was suspicious. Upon which, I immediately informed on phone SHO Airport Fazalur Rehman and directed the taxi driver to move to police station, he said. ASI Raza Khan said as they reached Khezai Chowk foreigners inside the vehicle raised slogans of Allah-o-Akbar and two persons took out hand grenades and asked driver to stop the vehicle. The Pashto-speaking person punched me due to which I fell down and ran away, he added. He said later SHO and police officials of Kharotabad Police Station rushed to the site and they received information that the foreigners were at a street where police fired some gunshots in the air upon which suspects came at Khezai Chowk. As they reached near FC checkpost a blast occurred. After that all fell down on the ground. FC personnel opened fire. Within 15 minutes after the blast, FC and police officials reached the site and they took positions and opened fire on foreigners, he added. He said when the firing stopped, personnel of bomb disposal squad reached the site and carried out a search and recovered a pin of hand grenade from the hand of a suspect, two levers, eight passports, visa cards, USB, 1 gold necklace , 6,000 rupees, 100 dollars, seven detonators, 28 fuses, four mobile phones and other substance. SHO Airport Police Station, recording statement on the occasion, said he had received a letter from CCPO in which it was mentioned that some terrorists in guise of security personnel would try to attack government buildings upon which the staff had been directed to carry out strict checking. He said on May 17, ASI Raza Khan informed him by phone that five foreigners were in a vehicle and some suspicious things were recovered from their luggage. I immediately informed control room and nearby mobile about the foreigners, he added. He said he along with Raza Khan followed the foreigners in Killi Khezai and resorted to aerial firing. The suspects reached the FC checkpost and a blast took place. He said fire on Chechens was opened from FC checkpost and after firing 30 to 40 bullets, they stopped spraying bullets till police and FC authorities reached the incident site. When Colonel Faisal Shahzad, Daud Jenejo and other personnel reached the site they again opened fire, he said. He said personnel of bomb disposal squad separated dead foreigners by pulling one by one with the help of rope and found one hand grenade pin, two levers, USB and other stuff from their possession. I have deposited all items in the office of CCPO after preparing a list, he added. ASI Mitta Khan of Saddr Police Station stated to the tribunal that he was performing his duty at Haji Dilair pump when he saw some people appeared from a street holding hand grenades. He said for his security he fired gunshot in the air. In the meantime, these people moved towards FC checkpost and a grenade blast took place. Following the blast FC personnel opened fire which was stopped, however, firing started again when CCPO Daud Jenejo and FC official Colonel Faisal Shahzad arrived the site, he added. ASI Mitta Khan said he resorted to aerial firing to disperse the people. On the occasion, the tribunal judge showed him a video in which he was firing on injured foreigners. During hearing, Advocate General Balochistan, Amanullah Kanrani claiming the Kharotabad incident a sensitive incident demanded for the investigations process not to be carried out in open court. At this Justice Hashim Kakar said that if investigations were held in closed-door then how would the people know the facts.