Indian Home Minister Chidambaram on Friday produced strange logic to raise alarm over the grave danger that he visualised India faced to its independence and sovereignty at the hands of its neighbours, and to meet this challenging situation, he urged all forces in the country to remain prepared. He based this call for readiness on the ground that the governments in these countries were weak and the situation there was bad. The entire hypothesis of his feigned fear is ludicrous. One might ask the Home Minister which of these countries would like to subvert Indias independence, given the condition, which he himself assumes, prevails there. Going by New Delhis record, its big power ambitions and its desperate urge to exercise regional hegemony, they should rather be on the alert against its attempt at usurping their birthright of independence. The Kashmir dispute and the atrocities India is perpetrating on the people of the state, peacefully struggling to free themselves of its illegal and oppressive hold, are before the entire world to see. A news-item, also appearing on Friday, said that the International Human Rights Council of Geneva has called upon India to end the human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and respect international law; for, bullets and oppression cannot be used to stop protests. And from England, Chief Executive of Kashmir Centre says that the dispute has become a nuclear flashpoint. Chidambaram also said that he was looking forward to the completion of the hearing against Headley and Rana, who were being investigated in the context of Mumbai incident. It should be recalled in this context that the relentless blame, which New Delhis propaganda machinery had been putting on Islamabad for staging the Samjhota Express tragedy, turned out to be a white lie when Hindu militant organisation RSSs Assemanand deposed in a court of law that he was the mastermind behind it. Nevertheless, Pakistan should not take Chidambarams statement lightly and keep the eastern border exposed, while fighting a war on another front that at the same time is contrary to our national interest. This is quite evident from the unending terrorist attacks in the country that have so far caused a huge loss of life and property. The war also becomes meaningless when the US, which itself launched it, is finding ways to end it through negotiations, and, for this purpose, both the US and Britain have asked the UN to lift sanction against 18 senior Taliban figures. Instead of wasting our energies and sacrificing our people and soldiers in the war on terror, we should be taking concrete steps to silence men like Chidambaram.