Our Staff Reporter BUREWALA - The worker of a banned religious outfit got injured in a firing between two sectarian groups over the appointment of Imam Masjid at Chak 4/EB here the other day. Reportedly, the sectarian groups were having conflict on the appointment of Imam Masjid of a joint mosque when the services of the former Imam Muhammad Hanif were terminated. Both the groups wanted to appoint their own sect leader that led to tension between them. Gaggo Mandi Police SHO Mirza Muhammad Jameel, considering the gravity of circumstances tightened the security and resolved the issue by the execution of voting to elect the Imam. Resultantly, the leader of the banned religious outfit Muhammad Basharat Dogar lost and Muhammad Din Dogar got elected as Imam Masjid. However, Muhammad Din group was attacked by the opposition on its way home and it opened fire in its defence giving critical injuries to Basharat Dogar group member Muhammad Yaseen Dogar who was rushed to THQ Hospital immediately. The inhabitants were infuriated over the incident and the police were deployed to avert any untoward incident.