It is a known fact that there is acute shortage, of proper formal housing apartments in the country. It is estimated that there is a shortfall of 10 million urban area apartments in the country, in the top 20 cities of the country, shared respectfully in proportion to their populations. The solution is that GoP without incurring any cost to its self, relocates all katchi abadies and slums, from all major cities which are mostly all located on prime locations, through anti encroachment laws and by offering alternative suburb scheme plots, or apartments and allocate these lands of prime areas, currently under katchi abadi to top builders of Pakistan, for free of cost to build large scale projects. Housing units should be of good quality and for small size 2-3 bed 900 ft apartments, with good quality infrastructure like water, gas, electricity, roads, parking and parks. While meeting the needs of all the stakeholders, all local political parties should be taken on board, to ensure smooth operation and success of the projects and to meet this goal to build 10 million apartments nationwide on free of cost state land, by top builders of Pakistan. If this project is started this year, it will create at least 5 new construction jobs per apartment for 2 years for semi skilled and unskilled labour. Thus creating at least 5 core new jobs without incurring any cost to GOP, and at the end of the project 10 million new, good quality apartments, on easy installments, will be available in the country. This project in the medium term will also boost all the industries involved in the construction sector and create further employment within these industries in the skilled and semi skill workers. And also in the long term this project of 10 million new apartments will add to GoP income generation, in many ways like duties and transfer fees. Also these apartments will be officially connected to all utilities instead of present katchi abadi kundas, and utilities will get their bills paid on time, and add to GoP revenue. However, a proper company of GoP like Nespak should be given task to identify all prime lands under katchi abadis, in top 20 cities to plan, design and supervise all these projects, to ensure highest quality apartments in budget. Also top marketing company should be hired to market all apartments and all the payment received should be deposited directly in to account of Nespak, to release to contractors and builders after approval of bills, and quantity, and quality testing by top engineers of Nespak. This project should be seriously considered by Economic Coordination Committee and should be brought on line in shortest possible time to boost economy, create homes and create much needed jobs. Z H EFFENDI, Karachi, June 3.