WASHINGTON - A Pakistani-American woman candidate for the City Council of a medium-sized city in the US state of Texas has become a victim of a vicious smear campaign as the race, in which he faces an Indian-American, intensifies for next weeks election, according to media reports. Farha Ahmed, the candidate who is an attorney based in Sugar Land, Texas, has been named in an anonymous flier mailed to voters around the city that suggests she has links to al-Qaeda, a charge she immediately denied. The flier, according to published reports, says Ms Ahmed is representing Aafia Siddiqui, the Pakistani neuroscientist, who is serving time in a US jail for allegedly attacking US military and the FBI officers at a police station in Afghanistan. A report allegedly published by The International Herald Tribunes Express Tribune, which is included in the flier, claimed that Ms Siddiqui hired Farha Ahmed, a Texas-based attorney after firing her five lawyers and waiving her right to an appeal. Ms Ahmed is on the runoff ballot along with Harish Jajoo, an engineer who is of Indian origin. The Election Day is June 11. Farha Ahmed told the Houston Chronicle newspaper she does not represent Siddiqui, pointing out that she isnt a criminal defence lawyer. She said she is not licensed to practice in any state other than Texas or in federal court, and therefore would not be retained as an attorney in such a case. However, I do not believe that answering this question will stop the smear campaign against me by those who have a hidden agenda, Farah wrote in an email. They will continue to ask questions unrelated to the platform I am running on or the city issues we care about. Ms Ahmeds opponent Mr Jajoo could not be reached for comment on Friday, the newspaper said. Several local political figures have issued statements condemning the flier, including the mayor of Sugar Land, the Fort Bend County district attorney and county clerk, the Chronicle said. The city of Sugar Land has always prided itself on its diversity and has been recognised with numerous state and national awards, including the Anti-Defamation League as a Community of Respect for the past four years, Mayor James Thompson said. This honour is reflective of how we embrace all residents and what makes our community so unique. It is unfortunate that some individual(s) have used the election campaign to bring up issues unrelated to the qualifications needed to serve on City Council. There is nothing 'sweet about Sugar Land, an observer remarked. Farah, 46, is married with two children. She has been a resident of Sugar Land for over 20 years. She Graduated from Houston Baptist University and South Texas College of Law and has been practicing attorney for 15 years.