GUJRAT - Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar has said that Pakistan has good relations with America and its proof is the recent visits of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator John Kerry. Talking to journalists, he said the American Senator John Kerry during his visit to Pakistan said that he was ready to write the surety with his blood that the Americans were not after Pakistans nuclear assets. Hillary had visited Pakistan for better relations and the impression was wrong that she was visiting for (securing) any new understanding (with Pakistan), Mukhtar said, adding that Pakistan can survive without the US aid but with great difficulty. Commenting on the recently approved budget, he said that the budget would prove beneficial for all the segments of the country and the PML-N resorted to trouble making after smelling the efficacy of the budget. The PPP has been participating in agitations but always observed limits, but the demeanour displayed by the PML-Ns Ahsan Iqbal was regrettable, said the defence minister. He said that the budget had supported the mechanism of direct taxation as 700 million people did not pay taxes which, if collected, could be utilised on public schemes. Commenting on the terrorists attack on PNS Mehran base in Karachi, he said that Pakistan has 5 Orion aircrafts which can effectively secure the frontiers.