Our Staff Reporter MULTAN - The trading fraternity and political leaders from different opposition parties have expressed mixed reaction on the federal budget 2011-12 as some declared it a mere jugglery of words while others called it a balanced one. The majority of the business personalities expressed their fear that the mini budgets might follow soon, saying political governments could not help themselves from befooling the masses. While industrialists pinned their hopes on the budget, the importers and small traders called it business-enemy. Giving reaction on the budget, Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) president Shahid Naseem Khokhar, looked optimistic, saying there were many good things for the industry in the budget. He said that despite shortage of resources, the government had given a fair budget, but yet there was a lot to be improved. He said that the reduction in general sales tax (GST), Special Excise Duty and regulatory duty was a welcome gesture. He strongly supported governments proposal to abolish double taxation, saying it would give a boost to the industry besides preventing investors from hardships. The MCCI representatives were also of the opinion that there was need to broaden the tax net by bringing agriculture sector under it. They opined about cut in government borrowing from the central bank and that all the income generating units and persons were needed to be equitably taxed as per their capacity. Contrary to the industrialists, the importers and exporters, however, dubbed the budget as anti industry. A leader of Value Added Textile Forum (VTF) Syed Muhammad Aasim Shah said that the announcement of the budget by Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh was just a formality to fulfil the constitutional requirement. The budget has nothing to offer the masses. We believe it will be followed by a string of mini budgets with new taxes in coming days, he anticipated. Syed Muhammad Ahsan Shah, Chairman of Multan Dry port trust said that there was no incentive and relief for the countrys ailing trade and industry. He termed the budget a sugar-coated poison, saying it would add to the hardships of industry and exporters. He feared that the exports would decline owing to massive decline in cottons prices. He pointed out that the tax-to-GDP ratio of the country was still nine percent, which should have been doubled. Every body should be brought under the tax net at any cost, otherwise the government will face heavy fiscal deficit, which will compel it to more borrowing from local and foreign financial institutions, he added. The leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and the PML-N also rejected the budget.PTIs central Vice President Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry, District President IJaz Janjua, Dr Robina Akhtar rejected the federal budget 2011-12 describing it anti-masses and termed it a budget of feudals ,Waderas and capitalists. Similarly, while commenting on budget, the PML-N leaders Allah Nawaz Khan Durrani, Sheikh Athar Mumtaz, Zafar Qadri and others said that the budget speech was a jugglery of words and its reality would start uncoiling soon. They anticipated that a horrible storm of price hike would hit the country in coming days, crushing poor masses.