ISLAMABAD (INP) - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has approved an increase in the perks and privileges and revised terms and conditions of law officers on monthly basis. The Attorney General of Pakistan who was getting Rs 200,000 would get a salary of Rs 368,186; Superior Judicial Allowance Rs170,625; house rent if official residence not provided Rs 68,000. In total he would get Rs 606,811 per month. The Additional Attorney General, who was drawing Rs 150,000, would now get a salary of Rs 347,345, Superior Judicial Allowance Rs 136,500 and house rent if official residence was not provided Rs 65,000. Thus he will be drawing a total Rs 548,845 per month. The perks and allowances of Deputy Attorney General have also been increased. He was drawing Rs 100, 000 as salary which has been raised to Rs 150,000. He will be drawing Rs 100,000 as standing counsel.