ISLAMABAD - Rejecting the plea of the Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) to defer the devolution process, Implementation Commission on 18th Constitutional Amendment has expressed its resolve to accomplish the task of devolution of the ministries and divisions to the provinces as per schedule. Sources in the Implementation Commission informed TheNation that it was view of the majority of the members that the devolution process should not be delayed or altered and once the devolution process would be completed then the provinces would automatically overcome the problems coming in the way of handling of the ministries being handed over to the provinces. On Saturday the Chairman Implementation Commission Senator Mian Raza Rabbani rejected the plea of Senator Wasim Sajjad, who was inducted in the commission on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, to defer the devolution of some of the ministries owing to their international commitment and foreign funded projects which would be disturbed in case these ministries were handed over to the provinces. Senator Rabbani said that it was their constitutional obligation to fulfil the devolution of ministries by June-end and in case the process was altered or changed any of the member of the commission could move the court against it. It was almost the consensus view of the commission members to accomplish the devolution process by June as per schedule and continued with its work of reviewing the devolution process of Ministry of Minorities Affairs and Food and Agriculture and listened to the issues of these ministries. The officials of these ministries briefed the commission on the international agreements and commitments of their respective ministries and brought into the notice of the commission that in case of devolution of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture the country could lose the membership of United Nations World Food Programme and also proposed that the research related and some other matters with the federal government as the donor agencies could not separately deal with the provinces on certain subjects. Earlier the new entrant in the commission PML-Q Senator Wasim Sajjad suggested to the commission that some of the ministries in the list of ministries to be devolved to the provinces should not be doled out to provinces and the same should be kept with the federal government due to technical and legal intricacies associated with them. The sources in the ruling coalition informed TheNation that Senator Wasim Sajjad had talked about the ministries recently given to the Q-league MPs after they had boarded the governments bandwagon but the members of the Implementation Commission were in no mood to even give consideration to the Q-League demand. It was further decided in the meeting of the Implementation Commission to meet on daily basis to accomplish the task of devolving the rest of seven ministries to the provinces within the stipulated timeframe. It is pertinent to mention here that a few days back the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari had held meeting with Chairman of the Implementation Commission on 18th Amendment to workout some way out to delay the devolution process by a year or so but according to the sources in the PPP Mian Raza Rabbani had made it clear that he could not go against the constitution and if any attempt of deferring the devolution process was made it would have quite negative fallout on the smaller provinces and the government would be discredited. He had further made it clear to the President Zardari that if any attempt would be made to delay the devolution process then he would not stay chairman of the commission.