In 1980s, India was inebriated with many regional successes like creation of Bangladesh, trouble in Sri Lanka and military action in Golden Gurdawara in Amritsar etc. The Indian troops entered the distant glacier of Siachen, quietly in the darkness of a night in 1984. Soon, occupation of Siachen became a pain in the neck of Indian Army. Their troops were not willing to defend the ice-clad heights and peaks. The Indian Army was not physically capable to sustain harsh weather. It was a sudden surge of ambition to confront Pakistans forward defence lines. After occupation of the cliffs and biting blizzards, the Indian Generals realized their folly as they learnt in NEFA in 1962. There were huge weather casualties and colossal logistical bills to stay at the Glacier. The Indians have been asking about the wisdom of dying in the snows that never belonged to them. India is paying a budget of Rs.25-30 million per annum. India to show their presence tried to activate the area as theatre of military operations in 1995 but could not succeed. Since then, India is seeking an honourable withdrawal. India wants an international voice to get the area vacated. But for Pakistan, the vacation of Siachen is connected with resolution of the Kashmir Issue. India wants to vacate the positions but at the same time wants to keep permanent 'possession of the glacier in order to reoccupy them on their will. It will not resolve the issue of Kashmir if we leave Siachen Glacier. In the last meeting held in India last week, our team has done well by showing firmness. BRIG (R) A.Q ANJUM, Rawalpindi, June 4.