Two persons stated to be real brothers were shot dead over petty dispute here in Faisalabad on Sunday. According to police, the two brothers exchanged hot words with administration of a CNG station located in Ghulam Muhammadabad area as they returned five rupee coins after filling gas in their car. The two insisted for currency notes instead of coins but the CNG administration refused which led to exchange of harsh words. The verbal clash turned violent after which armed men present at the CNG station opened fire at Arshad 40, and Imran 30, leaving them critically injured. The injured were rushed to nearby hospital where both expired due to serious bullet wounds. The assailants fled away from the scene after committing the dual murder. The relatives of the deceased and dwellers of the area attacked the CNG station after the incident and tried to set it ablaze but heavy contingent of police reached the scene and brought the situation under control. The police have registered a case against the murderers and raids to arrest them were underway.