Dozens of Ankai Company buses operating under the Lahore Transport Company (LTC) have diverted their route without consent of the authorities, it is learnt.

In addition, despite charging weighty fares from commuters the buses’ air-conditioners remain nonfunctional.

The AC buses earlier at route B-2 from General Bus Stand to Maraka via Do Moria, Railways Station, Haji Camp, Qila Gujar Singh, Lakashmi Chowk, Mayo Hospital, GPO, Anarkali, Zamzama Chowk, Jain Mandar, Chauburgi and at Multan Road till Thoker Niaz Beg. And then from Thoker Niaz Beg to Maraka Bata Factory via Thoker Bypass, Chuhnag etc. Ironically, now buses divert from Zamzama Chowk to Civil Secretariat, Data Darbar and make stoppage at General Bus Stand.

Because, the buses get more passengers and mint more money by covering only two kilometer distance from Zamzama Chowk to General Bus Stand as compared to six kilometer if they divert from Zamzama Chowk to GPO to Railways Station, the powerful company owner choose their own way by taking no care of the commuters and authorities.  The LTC website still shows the B-2 rout from Maraka to General Bus Stand via GPO and Railways Station.

The commuters criticised the way the company has adopted. The van owners also complained that they were given no allowance by the LTC’s traffic enforcement officers and traffic warden but in case of the powerful, authorities are silent.

Anhui Ankai Auto delivered 100 CNG buses (CNG Gas buses) for Lahore in 2011 as part of the agreement between Chinese Company and the then Punjab Government. The company plies more than 200 buses at different routs in the City. The Company claims Ankai buses are 8-13 percent lighter than other models with a natural gas consumption 6-10 percent less than ordinary CNG buses. The company spokesperson was not available to comment on the story.–Staff Reporter