LONDON TS - When Mick Jagger first took to the stage at Hyde Park in 1969 it looked like he was wearing a white frock.

This time round he is confident of pulling in a string of top female vocalists to fill the dress for him - including Adele.

Other chart-topping stars lined up by Mick to appear with the band are Lady Gaga - now she is back on her feet after hip surgery - Paloma Faith and Florence Welch. But a source said last night that the wheels are in motion to make Adele the big-name guest on the bill - if she can be persuaded to leave her family for the night.

The source said: “The Stones would love to get Adele on with them. It would be a massive coup, even for them, because she’s been a bit reclusive since her son Angelo James was born. She is the name they want to announce as their special guest - and their invite should be special enough to get her out on stage. At the minute it’s 50/50 that she’ll do it, but Mick is quietly confident he can pull it off. They want to make the Hyde Park shows a highlight of their tour, and her appearing would make it really special.”

Mick has hinted he may dust off the billowing white frock he wore to the last Stones gig at Hyde Park 44 years ago, saying: “You never know. I can still get into it. I can still just about get into the zippers. I tend to choose my dresses at the last minute.”

But if he can bag Adele for July’s bill, he’ll have competition in the wardrobe department.

The Stones have made it a tradition to bring a female vocalist on stage during their latest tour.

Most recently, Sheryl Crow joined Mick, Keef Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts - combined age 276 - on stage for their Chicago performance on Friday night. The source added: “The group think female performers are a great complement for Mick ever since Florence Welch got on stage with them at London’s O2 Arena last year for Gimme Shelter. Gaga, Paloma and Flo would all do well in the Hyde Park shows, but Adele is the big prize this summer.”

Mick has certainly become as big a diva as Adele. He goes through a two-hour ritual before stepping on stage. And BBC chiefs are battling to persuade the Stones to let them air more of their Glastonbury performance after Mick declared he only wants the first four songs broadcast.