Lahore- The manufacturers, while flaying the new goods transportation system of axle load limitation, have observed that it has resulted into transport shortage in the country impacting the sale of all kinds of commodities including cement.

“It must be understood that in order to keep the wheels of industry running we would now require twice the number of trucks to transport the same volumes of goods which were earlier transported, but at double the freight cost.”

The axle load rule remained relaxed for decades allowing the trucks to load extra quantities. He said axle load limitation not only impacting the availability of transportation but also increased transportation charges, which is already one of the main components of the cost and further increase under this head, is impacting the sales adversely.

A spokesman of All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association hoped the new government would look into the matter on urgent basis to resolve the issue amicably. He said that the capacity utilization of the industry this year is almost touching its highest level at 74.45 percent since 2006-07 as the domestic despatches has picked up appreciably during the year.

He said exports have declined substantially during past five years from 10.981 million tons in 2008-09 to 7.709 million tons in first eleven months of this fiscal. He said the expectation of increasing exports to India never materialized due to several non tariff barriers erected by India.