I would like to draw your kind attention to the pathetic condition of rural dispensaries in district Bahawalpur. There are 58 dispensaries in the district that have a crucial role in providing basic health facilities to rural communities. Since long, 10 dispensers and 16 ‘Dais’ (midwives) posts are lying vacant; the structure of 50 percent buildings has decayed to the extent that it can cause serious damage to patients and the staff. Most of the dispensaries have no washroom or drinking water. Although one rupee is fixed as fee but there has been no medicine available for last one year. The dispensers, (staff) usually purchase medicines and charge the patients as much as they want. Hence, public resources are being depleted and these dispensaries are being used as private clinics where the staff enjoys their salary from health department as well as these miss gotten earnings. District Governance Group (a community group) has resolved to take action to make dispensaries functional. They called the attention of EDO Health and DCO to the issue and demanded a regular monitoring system, provision of medicines, and recruitment for the vacant posts and promised that the buildings would be repaired. In this regard some important decisions have been taken by the district authorities and made a major breakthrough, but these remain on paper alone. The District Health Department directed all dispensers of RHDs, Homeopathetic doctors, and Hakeems (Unani) on Dec 26, 2012 to display the contact numbers of EDO Health and DHO at every dispensary so that anyone who has a complaint may register it. EDO Health directed the Deputy District Health Officers (DDHOs) on Feb 21, 2013 to monitor rural dispensaries in their respective tehsils and report. The DCO Bahawalpur directed Finance and Planning Development on Feb 19 to submit proposal for repair, recruitment for vacant posts and provision of medicines at rural dispensaries. Later on April 5, a reminder to EDO Finance and Planning was also sent by DCO. Nonetheless all these decisions have shown no results and we are all waiting for some action!Through this letter, the members of District Governance Group demand the Health Minister Punjab and the Secretary Health to enforce the decisions taken regarding implementing regular monitoring system, providing medicines, recruiting staff and repairing weak buildings at rural dispensaries. If these dispensaries become functional, it can provide basic health facilities to almost 60,000 rural people in district Bahawalpur. District Governance Group consists of active citizens of district Bahawalpur. The objective of this group is to identify, highlight and resolve the governance related issues at district level. The group has been given technical support from AWAZCDS which is a partner organization of FAFEN (Free and Fair Election Network). SYED MOHAMMAD ALI, Bahawalpur, May 31.