Newly elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif vowing to fulfill the mandate entrusted upon him by the people of Pakistan said that breaking the constitution and derailing democracy will not be tolerated in future.

Addressing the assembly after being elected to the office of the prime minister with 244 votes Prime Minister-elect pledged to change destiny of country by working day and night.

He said the country is faced with multiple challenges including power outages‚ price hike‚ unemployment‚ economic recession‚ lawlessness‚ terrorism‚ corruption and image problem in the comity of nations. He said his government accepts these challenges but will not made hollow slogans to hoodwink the people.

Highlighting the priorities of his government‚ Nawaz Sharif said a comprehensive national plan of action has been framed to promote agricultural‚ economic and trade activities to put the economy of the country on a strong footing. He said a comprehensive plan has also been finalized the resolve the issue of  load shedding and other problems of the country.

He said corruption will not be tolerated at any level and those found involved in it will be made accountable.

Nawaz Sharif said we have already laid the foundation of a new progressive Pakistan by accepting the mandate of Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaaf in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and other political parties in Balochistan. He said with this same spirit‚ his government will treat all the provincial governments equally without any discrimination.

He said we have introduced a new political culture of accommodation and all possible assistance to each provincial government without any discrimination.

Nawaz Sharif said the country is facing grave challenges which can not be solved by any single party. He invited all the political parties to come on a common agenda and give proposals to resolve the issues. He assured the new government will give due weightage to their proposals to steer the country out of crises. The newly elected leader of the house said he will shortly contact the leaders of all the political parties representing the house to devise a common strategy for this purpose. He said their vision on the issues will also be shared with good intention and overcome challenges.

He said it is time that all political parties come on the same page to resolve the issues and expressed the confidence that all will stand together for reconstruction of the country.

Nawaz Sharif said every possible assistance will be provided to the Sindh government to bring peace in Karachi which is economic hub of the country. He said Gwadar will be linked with China through Khunjrab Pass through rail and road network. He announced to contact Gwadar and Karachi port with rest of the country with the latest communication network. He said a task force will be set up to expedite this plan.

He said equal importance will be given for the uplift of rural and urban areas.

Nawaz Sharif proposed to the Baloch leadership to consider his recommendation to give special status of free port to Gwadar port which will not only help economic uplift of Balochistan but also usher in a new era of development in the entire country. He paid tributes to the former government for handing over administrative control of Gwadar port to China which will go a long way not only in generating new economic activities but also further strengthening Pakistan-China relations.

He said the new government will take every measure to make Pakistan a peaceful country so that people could live with peace of mind and could contribute in the progress of the country.

He again called upon all the political parties to come forward and sit together to resolve the issues of law and order.

Nawaz Sharif categorically stated that the drone attacks should come to an end. He said we respect the sovereignty of other countries and they should also reciprocate us. He said we all have to devise a common strategy to overcome this issue also.

Mian Nawaz Sharif said we are opening a new culture of values instead of power game by giving the Balochi people their right to launch their own government.

He said we also promoted new political and democratic culture being the opposition party during the last five years. He said we made strict opposition to the sitting government but at the same time we stood by the democratic system and did not allow adventurists to derail the democracy. He said we faced bitter criticism and tolerated the blame of friendly opposition but did not compromise on the principles and remained successful by reviving the constitution with consensus.

Nawaz Sharif said similarly we will set new principles in the new government and people will see a new and progressive Pakistan under his leadership.

The newly elected leader of the house thanked the people of the country for reposing confidence in his party and said that coming out of houses for casting votes in big number reflects the desire of the people of Pakistan that they love democracy.

He said there is no room of dictatorship and time has come that the doors for any type of adventurism are closed forever. He announced that every top level appointment in government and semi government institutions will purely be made on merit.