A man axed his twice-divorced sister to death and set her body ablaze with the connivance of his two accomplices for honour here in suburban Mauza Kalo Malikwala the other day.According to details, Sughran Mai, mother of the victim, a resident of Mauza Kalo Malikwala told the media that his son Shaukat Ali along with his two unidentified accomplices came to his house and locked her in a room along with two children. He and his accomplices took hold of his sister Imtiaz Mai and started striking her with axe and sharp knife, killing her instantly. Later, they dragged her dead body out of the house and set it ablaze.On information, the Lodhran City Police arrived at the scene and sent the body of Imtiaz Mai to hospital for post-mortem.Meanwhile, Sughraan Mai informed the mediamen that her daughter had been divorced twice and despite being divorced she used to meet her former husband which infuriated her brother Shaukat Ali who committed the heinous crime.She pointed out that her daughter contracted free will marriage with one Umar Daraz a year ago. However, later Shaukat brought her back through Panchayat (local council).Meanwhile, Lodhran City Police SHO Muhammad Naeem confirmed that the police registered FIR against Shaukat and his 2 unknown friends on the complaint of deceased’s mother Sughraan Mai and father Ghulam Hussain. He added that the police were searching for the accused whereabouts.