ISLAMABAD : Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy technologies (PCRET) is working on production of solar based Air conditioner, which is in final stages.  It is Lithum Bromide based absorption chiller integrated with solar water heating system for AC and a similar system is under design phase at solar energy institute of Kebangsaan university, Malaysia. Director General PCRET Khalid Islam told this while briefing the  Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology which met here Tuesday.

 under the chairmanship of Senator Professor Sajid Mir.

   The committee observed that advancement in the science and technology field was imperative for the socio-economic development of a country and allout efforts should be made to ensure that the benefits of research carried out by research organizations reach the common men.

The members of the committee underlined the need for promoting the culture of research in the country besides creating awareness among the general public.

The members of the committee pointed out that a lot of research was being carried out by the scientific organizations but its benefits do not reach to the common man.

Federal Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar emphasized that concrete steps must be taken to over come the power crisis in the country.

Chairman Committee said “in this era of energy crises , we are playing emphasis on carrying out research for energy development in the field of renewable energy sources”.

The committee was informed that among all renewable energy sources the solar energy, which is in abundance, pollution free and freely available is becoming most popular source of energy.

   It was further informed that PCRET was equipped with most modern and sophisticated facilities and has developed technologies in the field of Silicon crystal crowing, Wafering and Solar Cell modules fabrication and a number of other solar energy products.

DG PCRET told that for the first time in Pakistan, sun tracked solar trough installed at PCRET to generate hot water and steam for textiles.