GLASGOW SN - Defying odds of 50,000 to 1, a mother in Scotland has given birth to twin daughters, after having two sets of boys, now 12 and 14 years old.

Karen Rodger, 41, and husband Colin, 44, from Langbank in Renfrewshire were “over the moon” at the new arrivals to their family at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow. The girls, who are not identical, were delivered by caesarean section with Rowan arriving first weighing 5lbs 8oz and two minutes later Isla weighing 6lbs.

After Lewis and Kyle and Finn and Jude, came little Isla and Rowan Rodgers, much to the surprise of moth Karen, father Colin and their doctors, who quoted the odds of the pair having a third set of twins.

Karen, 41, described the moment she broke the news to husband Colin, 44, that they were having twins - again.

“I texted Colin and said we are expecting two and he texted me back saying ‘that is not funny, Karen’. So he phoned me a minute later on the phone and couldn’t believe it. He was absolutely....saying, ‘please tell me it’s not true. and I said, “no it’s true,” she said. Karen told Sky News how hard it was to take four young children out shopping, let alone six.

“When the boys were born I had the four boys in the car plus the prams. At that point it was two prams because there was only two years between them so you can imagine that it looked like we were going to the South of France on holiday, going down to the local supermarket which was two miles down the road. But now I am going to have six kids in the car plus myself,” she said.

The Rodgers plan to upgrade their seven-seater people carrier to accommodate the new arrivals, and to convert the loft of their house into bedrooms.