LAHORE  - Punjab Chief Minister-designate Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has turned down the reports that he met the army generals in Islamabad on Monday.

Talking to media men in the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday, Shahbaz Sharif explained that he visited Islamabad to attend a meeting on electricity crisis.

He said now when the elections were over, the parties which got mandate from the public must act upon their manifesto to address the problem and take the country ahead.

When asked about the people to be included in the federal cabinet, he said, things in this regard would become clear after the election of the prime minister.

Shahbaz Sharif said people of Pakistan and particularly of Punjab reposed trust in the PML-N and the party would do its best to live up to their expectations.

He said that the parties which had formed government in other provinces would hopefully act upon their manifesto to fulfill the promises they made to the public during their campaigns.  The incoming chief minister said that concerted efforts of all parties were needed to overcome the difficult situation. Counting loadshedding as the worst problem, he said that his party would honour its commitment of addressing this issue.

The PML-N leader said that by giving up the chief minister-ship of Balochistan, the PML-N had written history and the decision proved that Nawaz Sharif was a national leader in the real sense.

He said that by murdering a politician like Akbar Bugti, the dictator who raised the slogan of Pakistan First, created a gulf between people of Balochistan and federation whereas Nawaz Sharif, by handing over Balochistan government to another party, had shown the spirit of sacrifice and proved that Pakistan was his first priority.

Earlier, the PML-N government had also set an example of sacrifice by giving Rs11 billion to Balochistan from its share of NFC Award, he said. “Had even a quarter of the funds given to Balochistan during the last 10 years were spent on the development, the situation in Balochistan would have been different.”

Shahbaz Sharif said that judiciary also played a commendable role, besides other institutions, in the success of democratic process and peaceful transfer of power.

Shahbaz Sharif said that as chief minister he never took guard of honor and it would be a pleasure for him if the chief ministers of other provinces follow his example.  “Outstanding students and martyrs of army and police are the ones who really deserve guard of honor.”

He said: “A comprehensive and effective strategy is being evolved with the consultation of intellectuals, journalists, teachers, retired government servants and all segments of society for making Punjab a corruption-free province.”

During his meetings with various delegations in Lahore, Shahbaz said that besides amending the existing anti-corruption laws, it was decided to learn a lesson from the measures taken against corruption by other countries of the region. “Corruption is a menace for the society and its elimination on war footing is essential. Violation of merit and delay in the public matters are two major causes of corruption. Therefore, it has been decided to ensure supremacy of merit and to take stern action against the officials involved in corruption in government departments, especially in Revenue, Police and Excise.”

He said that during the last five years, Punjab was the only province of the country where no case of corruption surfaced at the higher level and the same spirit for eradicating malpractices and bribery at the lower level would be displayed.

Citing a Transparency International report, he said that Punjab was ahead of other provinces in corrupting but in 2010, the Punjab government was the most transparent in the country.