Lahore- Former PTI women wing president Fauzia Kasuri, after failing to get a party ticket for by-polls from NA-48, is most likely to join PML-N, The Nation has learnt.

The sources privy to the developments regarding Fauzia Kasuri plans to part ways with Imran Khan told this correspondent on Tuesday that Fauzia who couldn’t reach the National Assembly through a women reserved seat wanted the party ticket for by-polls from NA-48, Islamabad, but another party leader, Asad Umer, has been asked to contest from that constituency.  They quoted senior party leaders as saying that Fauzia, blaming the top party leadership for this ‘injustice’ sought the party nomination for by-polls from NA-48, but Asad’s nomination had already been decided.

They quoted them further as saying that though Fauzia had served the party, the leaders should understand this fact that the decisions made by the party’s central executive couldn’t be undone for the wishes of an individual.  They added Fauzia was an asset to PTI and the leadership would make all-out efforts to stop her from parting ways with the party, however, if she had made up her mind to say ‘goodbye’, to the party, even Imran Khan could not stop her.

The sources revealed Fauzia was planning to hold a press conference in the federal capital today (Wednesday) in which she would announce joining PML-N as the PTI leadership was getting reports that some senior PML-N leaders were in contact with the party’s former women wing president.  Fauzia Kasuri could not be reached on her cell phone to get her viewpoint on the issue despite repeated efforts of this scribe, including an SMS.

However, close circles of the veteran PTI leader claimed Fauzia had not decided to change her political course so far, but one could not predict about tomorrow. The sources said Fauzia was in to be or not to be state at this moment. PTI spokesperson Andleeb Abbas, when contacted, said, “I didn’t receive any information about Fauzia Kasuri’s resignation, but the party leadership is getting such reports through media.”

Meanwhile, a senior PML-N leader claimed the party leadership had not contacted Fau`zia Kasuri, adding it was the right of any practicing politician to leave one party and join another of his/her own free will.

Some conflicting news reports claimed Maryam Nawaz and Kulsoom Nawaz had invited Fauzia Kasuri to join PML-N.

With PTI’s winning six reserved seats, four in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and two in Punjab, Fauzia lost the chance to reach the Parliament as her name was at serial number four in the party’s women reserved seats’ list from Punjab. Dr Shirin Mazari and Munaza Hassan reached the National Assembly on women reserved seats from Punjab.

According to some earlier media reports, Fauzia Kasuri said she had been receiving signals from the inner circles of the party chairman that she was not needed anymore.

Complaining of the indifferent attitude of the top party leaders, she said that no one had contacted her or replied to her emails about the injustices to a veteran party leader.