With the rise in temperature, the sale of substandard beverages also goes in full swing, spreading throat infections, diarrhoea and other stomach diseases among people, especially the children.The stalls and carriages of unhygienic drinks, including Sattu, Sardai and soda can be seen in every nook and corner of the city, especially near schools.The ice-lolly stalls with colourful bottles filled with unhygienic ingredients attract people, especially the children, who serve as potential consumers of this unhealthy stuff.The water and other stuff used in these beverages is mostly contaminated which could lead to diseases like diarrhoea, hepatitis A, E and C and other stomach diseases while children are most vulnerable to these diseases who throng the hospitals in the hot summer season.The hospitals and clinics are witnessing alarming increase in the number of patients, mostly children, with diarrhoea and other stomach complaints.The doctors believe that unhygienic and contaminated foodstuffs are the major cause of these diseases, spreading among the children.On the other hand, no inspection or action has ever been carried out by the authorities against the sale of unhealthy foodstuffs and locally made beverages.The citizens have demanded the authorities concerned for taking action against the suppliers and sellers of unhealthy food stuff to save the health and lives of the children.Docs, drug makers fleecing patients:  Doctors and other staff in the Tehsil Head Quarter Hospital here have allegedly connived with the local pharmaceutical companies and are minting money from the patients, it is leant. The doctors prescribe substandard medicines which are sold at exorbitant prices. They prescribe the medicines manufactured by fake pharmaceutical companies as they are allegedly getting heavy commission thereof. Moreover, they do not pay due attention to the patients, said patents. On the other hand, private clinics take heavy fees from the visitors on the name of providing the patients with the latest facilities in return of fees. People of the area have demanded that the authorities concerned should take an immediate action against the drug mafia and the medical staff to save human lives.