ANKARA- After years of tough sanctions over Iran's nuclear program, many in the country now say they want the government to make compromises that could satisfy world powers and allow a semblance of prosperity to return.

Although many Iranians still fervently believe in their country's right to all aspects of a civilian nuclear program, including those regarded with suspicion in the West, they are increasingly tired of the high economic price.

"I love my country but I love my family more, and for years I have worked hard to cope with the rising prices," said Ali Mirzai, a father of three in the northern city of Rasht.

"I am tired of this nuclear dispute. For years we feared further economic pressure and possible military action. A nuclear deal is our only chance to live in peace," said interior designer Mastaneh Alavi in the northwestern city of Tabriz.

But many Iranians still argued for a "balanced" nuclear deal, saying it would be unfair to deny their country a technology possessed by Pakistan , India and Israel .