The Panama papers are rattling the Pakistani boat quite a bit. Now our Prime Minister is on his way to London and who is going to believe that he is going for a medical check-up? This can only be true if the news about the money that his family has stashed away has brought him close to a heart attack. Otherwise he must be going to London in order to save his assets and make sure nobody can find out the source of all the wealth. Nawaz Sharif might also meet with Imran Khan in London who dashed there to find ‘forensic audit experts’ so as to prove the source of the Sharif family’s wealth and finally bring him down. Imran must be hoping that Panama can achieve what he was unable to achieve in summer 2014 through his ill-fated sit-in that brought nothing but damage to public property. He may also think that by hunting down Nawaz Sharif he can detract attention from the political mess that his party is in with the main players Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Jahangir Tarin fighting in public against each other. 

What unfortunate country Pakistan is! What have we done to deserve such crooks as leaders? All of them are corrupt and of limited intelligence plundering the country without mercy for the deeming millions that are starving. Since the 1990ies we know that the Sharif family is corrupt and to know that one doesn’t need the Panama leaks. I as Member FACC in Benazir government had been associated with a major investigation that unearthed startling methods applied to defraud national exchequer and banks, all those completed inquiries were simultaneously made public through the media, why no one has tried to dig it out from the archives of leading national dailies? Or may be corruption has also seeped into media that they are also confusing the nation through blame game against politician to extract their pound of flesh from the corrupts. 


Karachi, April 13.